just do you
— d'souza

Who is Dsouza?

Carol D'souza is currently pursuing a B.F.A in Fashion Marketing and Management at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Carol is interested in a variety of creative work in the different aspects of the fashion industry as well as graphic design. She mostly takes on creative direction, fashion marketing, fashion design, branding as well as event managing. 

Her personal brand strives to capture herself, her potential and what she loves to do. As a third culture kid, born in India but brought up in Hong Kong, she has been exposed to diversity throughout her life. Brought up with an openminded, authentic and innovative thinking, her personality is reflected into her personal work. Her goal is to merge her creative inspiration with her knowledge of visual communication in order to produce content that can have a positive influence or contribution to her viewers. 

Check out her resume below and feel free to send her an email at carold.dsouza@gmail.com if you're interested in contacting her.